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Welcome to CCMK Village Hospital

CCMK Village Hospital is a 40 bedded acute care hospital serving the catchment area of Chalakudy and nearby villages with a population of over 50,000 have an important role to play as First Referral Unit in providing emergency care for acute illnesses, Obstetrics care, Neonatal Care, General Medicine Care and other specialist services and also provide easy accessibility and save the travelling time needing urgent care. The majority of our hospital activity results from daily OPD and unscheduled inpatient admissions through the emergency department (ED). The Emergency department is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week all year around. Patients can self-present to ED Resident Medical Officer or referral can be made by General Practitioner (GP) services or within the hospital via Out Patient Department (OPD). Service users can also access the Day Care Ward and the outpatients department via GP referral.
CCMK Village Hospital was strongly committed to strengthen our health care services by improving the availability of dedicated Doctors and accessibility of affordable quality health services to the people of Chalakudy. In order to improve the quality and accountability of our services we aimed to keep a set of standards to underpin the delivery of quality services which are fare and responsive to patient’s needs which should be provided impartially and deliver improvements in health and well-being of the population.


The overall objective is to provide healthcare that is quality oriented and sensitive to the needs of people of Chalakudy.
The specific objectives are:
1. To provide comprehensive Secondary Healthcare (Specialist and Referral services) to our community.
2. To achieve and maintain an acceptable standard of quality of healthcare.
3. To make the services more responsive and sensitive to the needs of people of Chalakudy and act as the first referral unit for the
surrounding solo clinics, polyclinics and nursing homes.


CCMK Village Hospital can be defined as Specialty health care hospital catering the needs of our community and surrounding villages and act as first referral care hospital. The aim was to provide a high-quality patient-centered service, which is safe, cost effective and flexible. We hoped to realize our vision with implementation of our mission statement.


The size of a hospital is graded based on hospital bed requirement, which in turn is dependent on the size of the population it serves. We are now implementing minimum physical infrastructure, manpower, diagnostic and investigation facilities, equipment norms, drugs and other supportive services etc. required for a 40 bed hospital. Currently being a 40 bed hospital, our hospital is defined
under Category – I (31-50 bed hospital categories).


Currently we have following functions:
1. We provide effective affordable healthcare services (Curative including Specialist services, Preventive and Promotive) for our municipal area and surrounding rural area with their full participation and in co-operation.
2. We function as referral centre for the surrounding clinics.
3. We run CCMK Heritage Community Clinic as our free clinic programme and provide quality care for those who lack adequate medical and health care alternatives.
We currently offer free clinics in the following specialties:
 Geriatric – Primary Care for Elderly Patients above 60 years old
 Diabetes – We provide minimum level of care a diabetic person deserves.
4. We also offer free Community Health Screenings during our special days like Founder’s Day, CCMK Day of Service, Anniversary Day and Health Awareness Day apart from other days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanthi Day,
World Elders Day, World Health Day etc. and also conduct Aroghyamela and free medical camps for checking of Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol etc. responding to the community needs.
5. We have now introduced CCMK Family Medicine Clinic, a clinical medical specialty devoted to the Comprehensive Healthcare for people of all ages and diseases & CCMK Well Woman Clinic providing a range of primary health care services from family planning, counseling sexual health services, preconception checkups, management of high risk obstetrics, infertility care and gynec