Anaesthesiology is the branch of medicine that specializes in minimizing pain and keeping the patient in a stable condition both during and after surgical procedures.

It is used in conjunction with almost all other branches of medicine as long as surgery and pain are involved. It may be used in diagnostic procedures, abdominal and brain surgeries, obstetrics, and so on. It plays a crucial role so that the surgery may be performed safely and with the least possible amount of discomfort for the patient.

The two most common types of anaesthetics used are local and general anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia prevents the patient from feeling any pain in a specific part or region of the body, whereas general anaesthesia places the patient in a state of controlled unconsciousness, rendering him unable to feel pain, and also paralyzing his muscles so that he will not be able to move for. The anaesthesia is usually administered in liquid form and is injected into the veins, but can also be administered in gas form that the patient breathes in through a special type of mask. These agents take effect almost immediately, and can cause a patient to lose consciousness within a minute.

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