We’re here for you.

The CCMK Women Clinic deals specifically with medical issues related to women. A one-stop health-care facility focused on today’s modern woman who often doesn’t have the time to look after her own medical requirements.
In a busy community were the demands of caring for a family, or even our own jobs can prevent us from looking after ourselves, the CCMK Women Clinic is designed exclusively to provide women with a same-day health-care service.
Under the watchful eye of highly-trained community based lady-physicians, nurses, and technicians, the multi-specialty CCMK Women Clinic provides  affordable consultations and diagnostic procedures; routine exams and health care screenings; and the evaluation and treatment of numerous medical problems of special concern to women. As CCMK as, accommodating patients seeking second opinions.
Women need no longer forgo seeking medical attention. Diagnosis and treatment with minimal delay in relaxing and friendly surroundings, under the care of female-doctors is now available at the CCMK Women Clinic.